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The GOOD LIFE LIVING GROUP builds leaders and effective team members. Our mission: empowering people that empower people. GLLG increases the capacity of its clients to influence by means of inspiration and motivate through the power of passion, conviction and purpose. Success relies on leadership, leadership grows with the GOOD LIFE LIVING GROUP.

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Germaine Gaspard, Founder

Living Life on Purpose,

As owner and founder of GOOD LIFE LIVING GROUP, I have served, coached, trained, and taught as a professional for over 24 years. My background includes employment as a graduate assistant college football coach, as well as coaching a variety of youth sports on the American Junior Olympic national stage. In conjunction with these roles, I have served the Texas Department of Public Safety for nearly two decades. During this time, I worked as a Criminal Investigator specializing in fraud and within the Texas Ranger Division. I presently serve the Texas Department of Public Safety as an instructor within the Education Training and Research Division. 

I use my training and varied experiences gathered from my collegiate, professional and governmental special forces teams to create a learning experience that is interactive, fun and valuable for participants. The GOOD LIFE LIVING GROUP dynamically teaches leadership skills that are essential for growth and add value to all. I look forward to helping your team set itself apart from the norm.

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Warrior Mindset: How to Leverage Your Leadership Strengths to Achieve Results

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Warrior Mindsets offers the methodology for developing strength for the purpose of maximizing potential. This work was developed through the successes and lessons gained from over twenty years of coaching CEO’s, 1st in Class High Level Performers and World Class Athletes. 

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In Action Gallery

  • District Champion Defense Coordinator and Mentor at Inner City Middle School 

  • Spacial Awareness, Team Building and Leadership Training for Jamaica 19U National Rugby Team 

  • Team Building Session at International Pharmaceutical Company 

  • Awarded the Star of Texas by Governor Ric Perry for Acts of Bravery in the face of danger while injured 

  • Facilitating Training for Fortune 50 Company

Serving Our Country 

And now ready to serve you and your organization

Germaine's time working as a Team Member within the Texas Ranger's Special Operations Division gives him a unique and tangible perspective of leadership and team building


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